Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're Home!

Troy was discharged home this morning. He is doing really well. He still has quite a bit of pain of course but things are on the mend. Troy has a lot of gas pains as his bowel starts working again and that causes him more discomfort than the incision sometimes. He had his first bites of solid, crunchy food Monday night. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I watched him take bites of a Cesar wrap. He hasn't had a piece of lettuce since January 5th or anything requiring much chewing. He is very, very leery of and nervous when eating. It is hard for him to put his guard down and believe that what he is eating isn't going to cause him pain. He isn't able to each much in volume but he is trying. His stomach has shrunk so much that it only takes a few bites to fill him up. Doctor suggests he eat 5-6 small meals each day. He was 125 lb. on surgery day. I know he has lost more weight post-op but haven't had him get on the scale yet.
Troy is trying to adjust to his ileostomy. Like everything else, it will be a big learning curve but he has a huge head start with all the supplies due to everything he has been through over the past 6 months.
It is so nice to have him home. He really missed the boys. Gavin snuggled with him in the chair and Grayson gave him lots of big toothless grins. I thank God so much for my family. We have been through so much but God has been faithful and kept us together. Now we need to focus on getting Troy healthy and enjoying our beautiful boys. We have so much to be thankful for.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi everyone, I just want to thank all of you for all of your prayers and support through this past year. I trully feel that life is soon going to make a turn for the good very soon for us. I am still in the hospital for now as I continue to heal. Eveyday seems to get better, and I long to go home and sleep for more that 1 hr at a time. I hope that this past year of blog posts from Alicia have been helpful, and most of insperational to all of the spouces out there. She is trully a blessing and has shown us all what making a promise to someone is all about. I can't wait to get home and be around my beautiful kids again, I miss them dearly.

P.S. God is good and he is not done with me yet!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Really Tired Today

I think the reality of everything his body has been through has caught up with Troy today. He is simply exhausted. I brought the boys up to see him this morning and he was already wiped out for the day. He is still doing well - going for long walks and sitting up in the chair. The doctor increased his diet to clear liquids and the urinary catheter was removed as well. All good signs! I think what he really needs is some peace and quiet to get some quality rest. Most of us know that if you want to rest don't stay in a hospital. There is always someone coming or going.

Please pray for continued strength and healing. Pray for rest for his weary body. Think of us as you go to church in the morning. We can't wait to get back there.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye "snot slide"

I spent the night with Troy last night. We didn't get much sleep but he is still doing great. The doctors were all happy to hear how active he has already been. He went for his first walk this morning and just finished his second. The nurse just took out the tube that went from his nose to his stomach or as Troy loving calls it his "snot slide." You gotta love Troy's sense of humor.
The pain medicine is making him itch pretty bad so they are going to change from dilaudid to fentanyl and see if it helps.
The nurses and the overall care here at Parkview is sooo much better than Cleveland Clinic. The nurses actually care and really try to take care of Troy's needs plus he doesn't have a roomate! They keep an extra bed in the room just for family. Awesome right? All of this really helps Troy's positive attitude and the more he gives the nurses a hard time the better he is feeling.
Troy was touched to read so many cards that came in the mail recently. Thank you all for caring so much. More updates to come.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Already up to a chair - Doing great!

Troy got up to his room around 6pm and is doing so well! His color is pretty good and he has already been joking around and poking fun at everyone, including the staff. His whole mentality is really different this time than at Cleveland. He sees this surgery as the end of the journey and a start of his life again, versus only a stepping stone and chemo still to go.
He has been eating ice chips and he just got up to a chair. I can't believe how motivated he is to move and then how well he is already on his feet. I know that having already been through this he is better prepared to handle the pain and knows the tricks to moving about with his incision.
It is already so wonderful to see that spirit back in his eyes. I really missed that. Cancer robbed Troy and our family of a full year. During that time you know that things are different but after a while you kind of forget what a normal life felt like and what the sparkle looked like in life. Tonight the sparkle is starting to come back.
He is sleeping next to me. I have never seen a more handsome man.

Surgery - Been There - Done That!

Wow! Crazy morning. Troy went into surgery at 12:30 and by the time we went to lunch and came back for a few minutes he was done! Troy got out of OR at 4:00 and is now recovering from anesthesia. Praise the Lord, he has taken care of his son! The surgery went well. The MD said that he had a LOT of scar tissue and adhesions in his abdomen. It took him two hours just to cut through all the scar tissue and get down to business. Troy did have a fistula, or tunneled pathway, from his pouch to outside his body (that explains a lot of the complications he was having). The doc was able to cut out the pouch and move the exit site over to the right side of his body without complications.
He is going to be pretty sore for the next several days of course but the doc thinks he will do very well. Right now he has a tube down his nose to drain his belly and that will remain in for several days until his bowels start moving again.
I am so thankful that this is the end of the road. I am confident that Troy can now begin putting his life back together and I can't wait till we can get back to church!!!! He has been so strong while enduring so much. I admire him and love him beyond words.
Thank you all so much for the prayers and support. God is faithful and the prayers are heard. The next 8 weeks are going to be tough but through God we will make it through. Our faith and spirit has been forged by fire and God has given us strength beyond our own capability. Troy can now rest easy in God's hands.
More to come. Right now I just want to hold his hand and kiss him.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surgery Update

Hi Everyone,
I hope the week has gone well for everyone. Troy had his pre-op appointment and everything is set for surgery at Parkview on 7/22 at 12:30. Surgery should last about 3-4 hrs and estimated hospital stay is 5-7 days. The doctor checked his hemoglobin and hematocrit and they are okay. I am worried about his nutritional status and how much weight he has lost, he is down to 128 lb. The doctor checked his albumin level and it was also adequate. With enough albumin his body will heal appropriately. That makes me feel better but I am still really worried that he will get an opportunistic infection from something totally preventable like poor handwashing. Being in healthcare is not always a good thing. My mind is always racing to the worst case scenario. I will trust God to take care of him and leave it at that. What else can I do? It will be nice to be on my home turf and be able to keep a good eye on him.
Troy is still suffering with horrible complications from his pouch. He can spend up to 14 hrs a day in the bathroom. He is scarred to get his hopes up of a brighter future post surgery. He has had so many set backs that for something to go right seems almost unfathomable. I pray that this truly is the end of all the treatment and cancer process. One full year post diagnosis Troy will be healing and beginning his life again.
Troy actually had a pretty good day today and it was wonderful to laugh together again. We hung out with the kids, laughed and talked about how much better life will be after surgery.
We have a lot of hope for the future and I pray everyday that God will look after my family. I know He is merciful and good days will come again.
More to come soon.