Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hey Everyone,
Wow, sorry it has been three weeks since the last update. Time kinda gets away from me around here...I don't know why :) So Troy started his first of ten chemo treatments last Wed. We spend about 5 hours in the doctor's office getting lab work, seeing the Dr. and then getting about three hours of infusions. After the office chemo is done a home health nurse hooks Troy up to a 46hr chemo drip to go home on. This will happen every two weeks for a total of ten treatments. Overall Troy did really well. They give him three drugs IV before his chemo that help prevent nausea. One of the drugs is a steroid so he was up all of Wed. night but felt to crappy to clean the house...:0 He remained queasy for several days after the treatment but it is hard to tell if that is from the chemo or the fact that his valve in his pouch has completely malfunctioned and he is forced to keep a catheter inside at all times to allow the pouch to drain. An urgent trip to Cleveland was another event that happened since my last blog.
The Cleveland doctor doesn't know why the valve is leaking and sometimes not letting him into his pouch. He examined the pouch and valve and can't find a clear problem but none the less it is not working for sure. The Dr. can not repair or replace the valve until after chemo is complete so Troy will be forced to keep a cathteter inside for probably 6 months. This is a really uncomfortable way to live and add the chemo effects on top well...not so great. So we have also been working with the ostomy nurse at Parkview to see if Troy can be fitted for a regular ileostomy bag. The catheter will have to stay in due to the valve but at least it would enable him to not have a leg bag and use supplies that are meant to handle the situation. The nurse was able to fix something up and Troy was really happy. That lasted for 2 hours and then that malfunctioned too. We still have hopes to find a better solution for him for the next 6 months but we have to get more supplies in first and then it is just trial and error.
The worst side effect from the chemo so far is the extreme sensitivity to cold. For about five days post treatment Troy has to wear gloves to get anything out of the fridge, can't drink or eat anything cooler than room temp. and has to stay out of cold air. If he is exposed to cold it is like a thousand pins stabbing him or if in his mouth, his teeth feel like they are cracking and is throat is clamping shut. Troy's hair is also breaking off. They said it probably wouldn't fall out, just thin, but it is actually cracking off, leaving him with nubs. Troy had his head shaved on Mon.
Everyday brings new challenges but Troy has come through so much already.Thanks for the prayers, cards and notes of support.