Saturday, May 15, 2010

Floor Firsts

Grayson is all smiles and loves to "talk" to us. He hasn't laughed hard yet but chuckles and squeals with excitement. Check out the pic. Adorable.
Gavin has turned into quite the mischief maker. He has started a really big problem with biting and unfortunately his cousin Bryna has been tha major victim. He gets so wrapped up in emotions - tired, happy, mad - that he doesn't know how to express himself so he bites - others and himself. I gotta get on the parenting websites and figure out what to do. The kid is tough. Timeouts, spanking, ya da ya da ....none of it works. ughhhhh.
Yesterday I was working when I got a call from Troy. It goes as follows -
Troy - "Want to know what your son did during nap time?"
Me- "What"
Troy - "He woke up crying and I went to get him. I found him standing in his crib with pants in the middle of the room, diaper on, yet little squirrel turds randomly tossed in front of the crib and more squashed on his socks and sheets. But wait....he also had some under his fingernails and on his teeth as he put his hands in his mouth (I'll pause and wait for you to throw up). After removing his brown hands from his mouth he proceeded to take of his socks. I discovered, upon further investigation, that said socks and sheets were covered in urine as well!! Gavin was crying and very upset at this situation and I almost threw up from the smell and sight of the situation.

At this point I was crying with laughter at work. Yes, it is disgusting but I wasn't at home to deal with it. I wanted to know if he got a picture. Troy's response...!!No!! I was too busy trying to clean the mess up. Since returning to work I have never been so excited to not be home than when I got this call. ahhhhhhh What do you do but dunk them in the tub and break out the sani-wipes and febreeze?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a thought

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are completely content? The other morning I was the peanut butter in a Grayson and Troy sandwhich in bed. Grayson awoke early so I brought him to our bed to snuggle ( I know...tisk tisk ) Troy was out cold from too many sleepless nights and eventually Grayson fell asleep. I just layed there listening to them both breathe. I thought about how amazing it was that 5 months ago I layed in bed with this enormous belly wondering what my son would look like and how life would be with him in it. Then I would turn and see Troy sleeping next to me and I would wonder if this would be the last night he would be there. I know it sounds awful but you think about the worst when you are scared of the unknown. Now, today, my bed is filled with a husband, although sick, with a hopeful future and a chubby little baby that makes me smile with every grin. I never loved the sound of breathing more.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all you Mom's out there. Being a mom myself makes me soooo thankful for all the hard work and time they put in. My mom and Troy's mom are angels. They have helped us so much with our kids, home and overall sanity. We spent the weekend relaxing, went to the lake to see my brother and are now having dinner with Mid and Dick. My brother came in from Wales for business in Detroit and was able to drive to the lake to meet us for breakfast. He comes home with the whole family in a month...yeah!
Troy is now halfway through chemo. His WBC count is still doing great. Chemo is getting tougher and tougher and he is trying to stay mentally tough. He still has a really bad upper respiratory infection but it is slowly getting better. We met with a new local surgeon who will do Troy's surgery at the end of August to convert his messed up internal ileostomy to a traditional ileostomy. What is wonderful is that this doctor did some training at Cleveland Clinic so he knows in detail what surgery Troy has had done and the surgeon that did it. Troy has decided that the traditional route will be best since he will then be able to eat whatever he wants and participate in life more normally than what he is currently living. It will be nice to have a local doctor care for him and have surgery at Parkview where I can keep tabs on him and the care he is getting. Surgery will happen 4-6 weeks after chemo and then take 6-8 weeks to heal. We are hoping that by Halloween he will be feeling better and by Thanksgiving really good.
Work is getting tougher for Troy. Pray for endurance and encouragement. We are blessed with wonderful family and beautiful children. Those are the most important gifts of all.