Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chemo - Round 4 - Ding!****extra blessings too****

The battle is on. We are currently sitting in the doctor's office while Troy is getting chemo #4. God is doing an amazing work in Troy's body right now. Early in his treatments his white blood cell count was below normal, enough that the doctor was watching it to see if treatments needed to be delayed. Since round 2 his counts have continued to climb! Today his count was 36000 (normal level and a significant increase from his baseline). There is no way to explain how he has been given medicine to kill the cells in his body yet his white blood cells continue to grow - except that God has great plans for Troy and needs him to keep fighting. God's grace and mercy continues on --- and there is more!
A friend from our small group knows one of our neighbors (we haven't gotten to know much of anyone since we have been hibernating all winter). This couple live across the street from us and the gentleman works out in his beautiful lawn all the time. He looks a lot like my dad from the back, especially when he is bent over working, and Gavin sees him outside and yells for Pawpaw. The other day he was so upset that "pawpaw" wouldn't come over and see cute....anyways - Our friend told the couple what was going on with Troy and that we probably needed help with our lawn since I'm going back to work soon. The couple came over that day and offered us their help!!! It turns out that the woman had just been to Bible study that morning and the subject was the Holy Spirit and listening/acting on it. When she heard we were in need she listened immediately and got her hubby to come over and help. Marcy and Tom and such nice, Godly people. The Christian community is amazing and we are so thankful for our friends for looking out for us. They loved the story about Gavin and have grandkids similar ages to our boys.
I have been really stressing out about going back to work at the start of May and how I was going to juggle it all. I have been praying for patience and wisdom and God came through and said - "STOP WORRYING - I already have it taken care of." sigh...... Why do we try to control everything no matter how many times we are shown that God loves us and cares for us?
Our friends, family and complete strangers have been with us every step of the way, helping remind us how loved we are and living out God's work here on earth.
Thank you! This was so inspirational I had to share right away!


  1. Alicia,
    I don't know that we have ever met, but I am in a small group with Drew and Abby Miller and the Dunaway's and we have been praying for you and Troy. I just read this post and my mouth dropped open. I KNOW Tom and Marci! Their daughter Betsy is one of my dear friends and our kids play together weekly. I am so happy that you have such amazing neighbors to take care of you. God works in such incredible ways!

    Still Praying,
    Erin Anspach

  2. Troy and Alicia,
    If your new friends from across the street are the Zeizig's, you but have a more in common than you know. Let them tell you of their walk and how God has used cancer to glorify Himself and to make Himself known. We know them from 1st Missionary, along with her sister, Julie Vonguenten. It has to be the same Tom And Marci? Talked to Mid today at her office, we continue to lift you both up to our Creator.

  3. We just wanted to pass along our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I know first hand that we don't always have the answers for the struggles we often face in life, but I do know our God will never gives us anything we cannot handle. Be strong and know our prayers are with you all.

    Lee and Melissa Montana (Star 88.3 FM)