Thursday, July 22, 2010

Already up to a chair - Doing great!

Troy got up to his room around 6pm and is doing so well! His color is pretty good and he has already been joking around and poking fun at everyone, including the staff. His whole mentality is really different this time than at Cleveland. He sees this surgery as the end of the journey and a start of his life again, versus only a stepping stone and chemo still to go.
He has been eating ice chips and he just got up to a chair. I can't believe how motivated he is to move and then how well he is already on his feet. I know that having already been through this he is better prepared to handle the pain and knows the tricks to moving about with his incision.
It is already so wonderful to see that spirit back in his eyes. I really missed that. Cancer robbed Troy and our family of a full year. During that time you know that things are different but after a while you kind of forget what a normal life felt like and what the sparkle looked like in life. Tonight the sparkle is starting to come back.
He is sleeping next to me. I have never seen a more handsome man.


  1. Thank you posting. I will pray for you guys as you heal over the next 8 weeks. You two have strength beyond your years. I am so happy that the surgery went so well. Love you guys.

    Amanda Dunaway

  2. So thankful our friend is doing well. We love you both and will continue to pray for both of you! We can't wait to have troy back too!