Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye "snot slide"

I spent the night with Troy last night. We didn't get much sleep but he is still doing great. The doctors were all happy to hear how active he has already been. He went for his first walk this morning and just finished his second. The nurse just took out the tube that went from his nose to his stomach or as Troy loving calls it his "snot slide." You gotta love Troy's sense of humor.
The pain medicine is making him itch pretty bad so they are going to change from dilaudid to fentanyl and see if it helps.
The nurses and the overall care here at Parkview is sooo much better than Cleveland Clinic. The nurses actually care and really try to take care of Troy's needs plus he doesn't have a roomate! They keep an extra bed in the room just for family. Awesome right? All of this really helps Troy's positive attitude and the more he gives the nurses a hard time the better he is feeling.
Troy was touched to read so many cards that came in the mail recently. Thank you all for caring so much. More updates to come.

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  1. Awesome news, keep up the good work! Continuing to pray for a quick, full recovery. Love you both! Scott and Karin