Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi everyone, I just want to thank all of you for all of your prayers and support through this past year. I trully feel that life is soon going to make a turn for the good very soon for us. I am still in the hospital for now as I continue to heal. Eveyday seems to get better, and I long to go home and sleep for more that 1 hr at a time. I hope that this past year of blog posts from Alicia have been helpful, and most of insperational to all of the spouces out there. She is trully a blessing and has shown us all what making a promise to someone is all about. I can't wait to get home and be around my beautiful kids again, I miss them dearly.

P.S. God is good and he is not done with me yet!


  1. God definitely is not done with you yet, Troy!!! So proud of your progress. I work in Med/Surg at Lutheran but it's at least 50% GI and you are doing SUPER according to the updates. Definitely a good sign. Soon you will be back to life as usual and feeling better. Keep pushing ahead. Praying for you both bunches. :-)

  2. Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery so you can get home with that beautiful family. You two continue to amaze me!

  3. Still praying for every cell in your body to heal completely! Praise the Lord for His answers to so many prayers already. God is so good in OH so many ways and this time is no exception! Praise the Lord for His watchful care of all of you and the strength He has given you for all that you have had to endure over this past year. He is faithful and will continue to be! Pam and Jerry Franklin