Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surgery - Been There - Done That!

Wow! Crazy morning. Troy went into surgery at 12:30 and by the time we went to lunch and came back for a few minutes he was done! Troy got out of OR at 4:00 and is now recovering from anesthesia. Praise the Lord, he has taken care of his son! The surgery went well. The MD said that he had a LOT of scar tissue and adhesions in his abdomen. It took him two hours just to cut through all the scar tissue and get down to business. Troy did have a fistula, or tunneled pathway, from his pouch to outside his body (that explains a lot of the complications he was having). The doc was able to cut out the pouch and move the exit site over to the right side of his body without complications.
He is going to be pretty sore for the next several days of course but the doc thinks he will do very well. Right now he has a tube down his nose to drain his belly and that will remain in for several days until his bowels start moving again.
I am so thankful that this is the end of the road. I am confident that Troy can now begin putting his life back together and I can't wait till we can get back to church!!!! He has been so strong while enduring so much. I admire him and love him beyond words.
Thank you all so much for the prayers and support. God is faithful and the prayers are heard. The next 8 weeks are going to be tough but through God we will make it through. Our faith and spirit has been forged by fire and God has given us strength beyond our own capability. Troy can now rest easy in God's hands.
More to come. Right now I just want to hold his hand and kiss him.

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  1. Yeah! So glad the surgery went well. We've been thinking of you guys all day. We will continue to pray for Troy as he recovers! Love you guys!
    Jill, Brian, Madi and Carson