Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Update

We've made it through another day. Troy is having a rough time adapting to his new system and trying to figure out how to handle an eight handed project with only two hands. Things are working properly but his tube gets clogged more often than he expected and it complicates things. It is hard to tell if it gets clogged because he hasn't felt well after his appointment and hasn't been drinking as much as he should or if the new tube, which is skinnier and less flexible, is simply more prone to clogging. At any rate Troy is having a hard time keeping his spirits up and staying positive. Patience is not one of Troy's strongest attributes. I know it will get better as his body settles down and he has time to do a little trial and error. Please pray for a positive attitude and patience. I know he can do it.
We went back to see my midwife today. Still, absolutely no change in Grayson. It appears that he will be like Gavin in which he is ready to come out but my body won't let him. Everything is still to high to let labor progress. I do have contractions but nothing regular and Grayson is still moving like a wild man. His heart rate is great with good accelerations (a healthy sign). I'm not too uncomfortable so we have decided to see what happens over the weekend and go back to my midwife on Mon. I'll be 40 wks. and 2 days Mon. If nothing has happened by then I'll take a medicine to soften my cervix at home Mon. night and see if that gets things rolling. I've never been fond of induction and since Grayson and I are still healthy I want to see what my body will do naturally. Keep praying for our safety and whatever God has planned will happen.
We'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the kind words.

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  1. What great news. I get updates via Tara and then read the blog. I will be praying for Troy and his new system and for the new baby to decide to make an appearance. Cindy Foxx