Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drama - Grayson must stay in - Pray for Troy

Wow what 3 days brings. We have great news and stressful news. I don't know how else to explain it but by starting at the top.
1.) On Monday night I opened mail that had Troy's pathology results from Cleveland in it. Praise the Lord- all of Troy's lymph nodes came back negative for cancer and his tumor had been shrunk by chemo and radiation down to 1.1cm. The rest of the bowel that was removed looked healthy. From everything I can understand from the report it looks like an answer to many, many prayers. The only thing that can explain the positive lymph node tests from his ultrasound in October and the negative test results from Cleveland is an amazing response to medicine and the amazing grace of God. - Yeah!!!
2.) Monday night I came home from work and felt awful. I had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and contractions started that night. It was looking pretty serious but after I got through some of the GI upset the contractions slowed and then stopped completely. I went to see my midwife Tues. afternoon. I wasn't in labor. The contractions were brought on from getting some bug and being sick. My stomach shrank by 2cm and I lost 1 pound. Grayson is sitting so low that my midwife says if he goes any lower we'll see his ears! I didn't dilate or make any further progress though. This was really dispappointing at the time but....God has a plan.
3.) Troy has been having tons of pain in his bottom during this past week. I thought it was from everything starting to heal on the inside and pull. He woke up this morning to definite infection in his incision on his bottom. His Dr. in Cleveland wants to see him right away and get a CT scan to make sure the infecton has not spread to his pouch. Troy is leaving at 4am Thur. to get to Cleveland by 8:15 for his test, Dr. appt and hopefully the opportunity to have his outer bag removed. Please pray that the infection is local to his incision site and can easily be treated without having to admit Troy to the hospital. He was scheduled to have the outer bag removed today but had to cancel the appointment because he didn't want to miss Grayson's birth. Now it seems Troy does not have a choice but go to Cleveland and we all have to pray Grayson stays inside for at least another 24 hours. Hopefully Troy will be home by 7pm tom. night and everything will work out fine. I have put myself on bedrest and my mom has taken Gavin so I don't get contractions. This poor bambino is so confused, "stay in" no, now "come out", no, "stay in."
The worse case scenario includes the infection making a channel on the inside of his body to his pouch and Troy having to stay in Cleveland for treatments and maybe surgery to clean everything up. His pouch seems to be working fine right now and there is no external evidence of infection to anywhere on his abdomen. Pray for encouragement spiritually and emotionally for Troy. He is so scared to have fought this hard to be here for me and Grayson only for this new development to make him miss it. Pray for Mid, Dick and Troy's safety as they travel to and from Cleveland. Pray for the wisdom of Dr. Dietz. Pray for the safety of Grayson and myself. God has not let me go into labor yet for this very reason. Isn't He amazing?
We are stressed out to say the least but we know everything is in God's hands and He has delivered amazing proof of his powerful hand every step of the way for Troy. Just please pray, however you can, whenever you can. I will keep the blog updated as I hear from Troy tom.

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