Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctors Appointments for All the Boys

This past week has been busy for us. Grayson had a great first check up at the doctor and was close to his birth weight before he was one week old. He goes back next week for a two week check up and we'll see where he sits on the percentile charts. He slept from midnight to 5:15 last night which was heavenly. Gavin normally doesn't wake up from Grayson so that is another blessing! I feel like Grayson is growing so fast and already changing, it makes me sad. Life in general feels like a freight train and everyday is one blow after another - we're just trying to survive.
Gavin went to the doctor for his 18 month check-up. I was sure he was starting to gain on the percentile scale and catch up with some of his peers....not so much. He only weight 21.4 # which drops him below the 5th percentile. His length and head remained at 25th percentile. I don't know what else I can do to help him get some meat on his bones. The doctor said everything looked good developmentally and we would just watch his weight and see if he continues to drop. Poor little guy, he is going to be passed up by his brother in another year.
Troy visited his oncologist yesterday. He was really happy with the reports from Cleveland regarding 0 lymph nodes with cancer in them. There was evidence that cancer had once been there by little puddles of secretions left in the large bowel but no active cells in the lymph nodes. With this information the doctor said Troy can be considered in remission now but we won't know if he is cured for another 5 years. If rectal cancer is going to reoccur it will most often happen within 5 years. After that you're prognosis is pretty good. Troy will still have to have the intense chemo and we now know it will be for 5 months, not 4 like we thought. This sucks... no way to put it better. Troy will have his port placed in 1 week and start chemo in 3 weeks. The regimen is 2 hours of infusion at the hospital then they hook him up for 46 more hours of home infusion. He then gets 12 days off and starts again for a total of 10 treatments. So our big blowout party will have to wait till August. Gavin will think it is a party for him!
Troy may have also popped some cartilge in his chest which is giving him a lot of pain right now so add that to the list of prayer needs.
Right now I'm tired, overwhelmed and frankly a little depressed with life. When my husband, infant and toddler are all hurting and or crying it is a little hard to take. I know many of you want to help and believe me you are but I also feel like at some point I need to take responsibility for my own life and my own children. I have to figure out how to handle it all because I won't always have a babysitter nor will I always want one. I know this is all in God's plan and so I try to pray and give it up to him and ask for strength. Most of the time I get it, but not all the time - then you can add me to the list of people crying in this house.
Please don't stop praying. We really need it.

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