Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Grayson had his two week check up yesterday. He is also off the growth curve, just like Gavin, but on the other extreme. Grayson now weighs 10 lb 12oz! He gained a full pound in a week and half and has grown 1 1/4 inches since birth! The kid does not miss a meal. The doctor was happy with his development and says he will pass Gavin in a couple months :)
Troy is scheduled for his port placment tom. morning at Parkview. It should only take a couple hours an he'll be home. He is scheduled for chemo to start on March tenth. He is feeling better, both belly and chest and hopes to go back to work on Mon. for partial days. It has been so nice to have him home with me and the kids but I know it will be nice for him to get back to a "normal" routine for at least a week or two before chemo starts. I'm so proud of all he's been through and his work ethic.
We got back to church on Sun. It was fantastic! It was a bit of a mess getting the new family there on time but we made it and it felt so good to be home. Everyone was so welcoming to Troy and made efforts to stop by and welcome him back - that meant a lot to him. The music and sermon were great and for those of you that attend Pathway you know how great the tithe song was. Troy's belly hurt from laughing so hard. God knew exactly what our souls needed.
Pastor Ron stopped by late last week and helped give sound advice and encouragement to both Troy and I. That helped a lot. We are so blessed to have our families, church and friends - they help us through the roughest spots and make the bright spots even brighter. We are looking forward to a few good days ahead before chemo starts.
God Bless!


  1. I remember Troy saying he thought Grayson was probably over 10# already. He's growing so fast!

    If you haven't seen the video of that tithe rap, it's on youtube. Look up "PCC Rappin Pastors"


  2. Interesting side note here---my Great-Nephew, Greyson, was born on 2-20-10 (nearly 2 weeks late) and weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz., 22 in. long and 16 in. head!! Whew, poor Mom! Baby Greyson is eating constantly, too! I think these little guys might have something in common....maybe future basketball pro's. lol

    We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    When you start to feel overwhelmed and depressed, reverse your thoughts to the positives you have in your life and pray a prayer of Thanksgiving right away to your Father in Heaven. This will clear your mind of "clutter" or thoughts that might drag you down. Remember, too, that Jesus is in this with you and won't allow anything to come to you that doesn't first pass through Him. When you can't utter words, the Holy Spirit can utter them for you and intercede on your behalf. So, He already has you covered!! Good News!! I cling to this when I start to be tempted to have a negative thought or feel overwhelmed with my simple life (compared to yours). God is there to hear your cries of help or praise.

    Try not to push yourselves too fast. It has only been a little over a month since Troy's big ordeal and then a couple of weeks since Greyson came into the family to change everyone's schedule and lifestyle.

    Remember the family who had sextuplets in Iowa? I think they had help round the clock for a year or more! lol So, help is good and ok to have around when you need it.

    So, live in the moment/day and absorb the goodness of life and your human helpers. Don't feel guilty or like you must take control of everything right now....your full responsibility of your family will come soon enough. You will know when it is time. Pray for Peace to know when that time is...I think you will just know....you won't be so unsettled or anxious. Just my thoughts.

    Hope I didn't ramble too much.....but I sensed your burden was too heavy to carry alone and you needed to rest it with God. Be assured that it is okay to have help and ask for help from others. Hugs!

    Prayer is powerful and that is why so many are praying for you all! God Bless you (all of you) spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally!