Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby come out!!

No Grayson yet. I guess you all really prayed when I asked for him to stay in. Thanks, but you can all start to pray for him to come out and play now. I am miserable. Huge, uncomfortable and so ready to meet our little guy.
Troy is doing better each day, although he doesn't see it. His incision line and other suture sites are healing great. His pouch still seems to be working well and he is really ready to get the external bag off. He made an appointment last week to see the Dr. at Cleveland for this coming Wed. We were hoping that Grayson would be here by this weekend but clearly that is not happening so Troy is going to have to cancel that appointment and move it to sometime next week. I feel bad that it means another week of misery for Troy dealing with the external equipment. I go back to see my midwife on Tues. so we'll see if he is any closer to making his debut. In the mean time Troy is eating a little more everyday. His biggest struggle now is the severe pain he is feeling deep inside his pelvis. All of the muscle of the bases of his pelvis along with his abdomen were cut during surgery and as those muscles start to heal they pull on the hundred of sutures inside. He is still taking his pain medicine but there really isn't a great solution to how uncomfortable he is feeling and will feel for the next several months. I feel so bad for him. As this new deep pain has developed he has returned to the recliner to sleep. He simply can't lay back as far as the bed requires, even with a bunch of pillows. Please pray for encouragement for Troy, he doesn't see how great is really is doing, and pray for pain relief.
Until Grayson comes I will keep going to work ( I went back last Mon.). It is really tough working all day and coming home to a busy Gavin but thanks to our Moms were are really doing pretty well. My mom helps out during the day if Gav. isn't at daycare and Troy's mom and Dick come over in the evenings. I feel bad that they all spending so much of their free time helping us out. I know, I know, they want to do it. But I still feel bad. Thanks so much to each of you!!
Hopefully we'll be updating with baby news soon. Gosh, I hope so.
Love you all.


  1. Hi, Just wanted to let you know I am reading your blog and that I am praying. Stay strong Troy, each day will get better. You can do this! The baby will be such a blessing, I know he will bring you much joy. Wish I was closer to help, life will get busier. Kandy has a four month old and a four year old and I still go over to help and she doesn't have the medical issues as you do. I am sending you hugs and much love, Dottie

  2. You're right, Alicia, Dick & I are willing to do whatever we can to help you & Troy thru this very difficult time in your lives. We love you two so much (& Gavin & Grayson, too!). Just know that we are here for you anytime & any way we can be of help.
    We love you all,
    Mom & DIck