Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Pieces of Pizza and a Real Bed

Friday night pizza was brought to our house for dinner and Troy ate 3 pieces! This is awesome. He slept in our bed for the first time Sat. night and has been there every night since. It is great to not sleep on the couch for me and he is sleeping better in a comfortable bed, although getting in and out is pretty tough and he needs about three pillows behind his head and back so he doesn't lay too flat (pulls on all the stitches and incisions).
We were hoping to go to church Sun. morning but Troy still can't sit upright in a chair without a lot of pain so maybe in another week.
I went back to work on Mon. since Grayson just loves hanging out inside. I know I wanted him to stay in a for a while for Troy to heal but I'm am totally done now. He needs to come out now! I was measuring two weeks big last week and I just went to the doctor today and somehow gained zero pounds but grew 3 more cm in my belly. I am now measuring like I'm 42 weeks but I'm only 38 1/2. My midwife thinks the baby is really long. I hope thats true and I don't have a big butterball to deliver. sigh....... At least Troy seemed to do okay alone on Mon. He is very eager to get back to Cleveland wrap up his procedure and have a functional pouch. He is tentatively scheduled for 2/3 in Cleveland. This is if Grayson comes by the weekend. If not then he will move it to the following week. This will be a bummer for everyone because I know he wants to get on with his healing and I want Grayson out!
Keep praying for healing, patience and the health of our entire household (including the abnormally large and unborn).
Talk to you later.


  1. We are praying for you guys! Love you all!

    Jess & TJ Baker

  2. We love you all very much! Stay strong and know that we think of you every day and say many prayers for you all.

    Marla, Scott, Caleb and Harley

  3. Thinking of you guys and wondering if baby Grayson has decided to join an amazing family yet! I know how anxious you all are to meet him!



  4. Was just thinking of you all today and wondering if Grayson showed up yet! So good to read your updates and just rejoice in the fact that God is on the move! The recovery process sounds as though it is going beautifully and that is a PTL! Grayson and God have it all planned out perfectly...so remain calm as you are in your Father's care--All of you! Amen?!