Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Progress

Good Morning Everyone,
Troy is making great progress at home. He is getting up and moving better and better. It still really hurts and he needs to stay on top of his pain meds but I see huge progress everyday. I'm really proud of his physical and emotional strength. He has learned to manage every part of his care on his own. This is amazing because sometimes you need eight hands, yet he is managing. We need to change his dressings at least 3 times a day and he has to flush and manage his external bag every 4 hours or so. I know he is getting mentally tired of the routine already but has he said it is temporary and we are trying to keep his spirits up. Please keep praying for mental strength and for him to remember to rely on God for support and realize he can't do it all alone. He is still sleeping in the recliner downstairs but hopes to move to the bed soon. I sleep on the couch next to him so I can be there when he needs me. He had some really rough and lonely nights in the hospital and I don't want him to feel that way again. Good news is that he gets his staples out tom. Yeah!! 31 staples to be removed. That will make him feel a little better I hope.
I had an OB appointment yesterday. Grayson seems to be cooperating and will stay in for another week. I am 1cm dilated and his head is fully engaged but my midwife thinks I still have time. I am completely miserable but trying to remember that this is for the best for Troy and Grayson. The longer he cooks the better. I will continue to waddle for another week. :)
Love you all.


  1. Sharla and Jim BryantJanuary 20, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Awesome news about gradual steps to improving health and healing! Recovery is good!! Thank you Jesus. We haven't met before....we know Mid and Dick.....praying daily for pain, healing, emotions, Alicia and baby that in God's timing it will work together for the good of all! Amen. Troy has a bag for one Dad had a bag and tubes for 6 months but of a different sort of was after cancer surgery, too. Dad made it through the ups and downs of post surgery at age 69 so I know Troy can with his younger age, friends and family support, and GOD most of all! Lean into Jesus daily for strength and support.

  2. I love hearing how things are improving as Troy is healing. God is great and His hand is in this from the beginning, through the pain, and through the hard times. Soon you will have Grayson here and he will be a bundle of joy as well as a bundle of more healing for all of you! Still praying for you! (Oh, and your humor cracks me up! Love the Lulfs' sense of humor!)