Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy is playing with Gavin

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I didn't feel well, being the size of a blimp and all. Troy did amazing. He helped wrangled Gavin as best he could and even went down to the basement with Juanita (Troy's grandma) to play with Gavin while I took a rest. Troy's incision looks really good and is healing nicely. He got all 31 staples out of his belly yesterday. He till has two other incisions/punctures that are slowly closing besides his stoma (fancy word for the place the small intestine comes out of the abdomen). His stoma still looks great and is functioning properly.
After I wrote the blog Wed. Troy had enough strength to go to work and visit his friends. This was great for Troy's spirits and it was nice to say "hi" to all the friends that have supported him so much through all of this. Troy then came with me to pick Gavin up from daycare. It was so cute! Gavin was sitting at the table eating his snack when we walked in. He didn't really care that I was there but when he saw his daddy he squealed, yelled "Daddy" and had the biggest smile on his face. This made Troy's day and all the effort totally worth it. Gavin crawled up onto Troy's walker and out we went. So cute.......
We have had wonderful meals delivered to us from friends of the church and our small group literally stocked our freezer. I don't think I can fit a single item more into our chest freezer. We are so blessed.
Hopefully we can get Troy out and about today and maybe a little this weekend.
God Bless,


  1. Jim and Sharla BryantJanuary 25, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    It is awesome news to hear Troy is able to have the strength to get around more each day. To get outside the house is wonderful for the mind, too. Great job Father in taking care of your children....Troy, Alicia and Gavin. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so encouraging to hear about our prayers are being answered, too. Thanks you all for posting!

  2. Sounds like a good day. You continue to be on my mind. Glad to hear you all are doing well. Be strong! Mica