Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank you all, home at last.

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to say thank you, to all who have been praying for us and thinking of my family through this time. It is great to be home and I couldn't have been more excited to see my son the morning after getting home. The drive home was interesting and a bit painful at first, but once I got some pain meds in me it went about as well as it possibly could. Thank you all for supporting Alicia through this time as well, she is so strong and does so much for me, evan while carrying our second child and bieng extremely uncumfortable herself. God has truly given me a gift in her. I believe I am doing pretty well at home, I have been able to take a shower, (ouch) standing for that long really hurts! It also makes it easier for me to get up and walk around the house, so that I get a little exercise. Continue to pray for healling as I am still in a lot of pain, also pray for strength of mind as I am really struggling with the idea of having this external drainage bag, evan though I know I will only have it for about a month. Alicia is also getting very close to going into labor and is getting really uncomfortable.

We love you all, and can't thank you enough for what you all do, and have done for our family,



  1. We are so glad to hear you guys are home and you are making progress. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We continue to pray for you and your recovery.
    Dave and Ashley

  2. WELCOME HOME!!! We are ready and willing to help as needed, let us know! Love, Scott and Karin

  3. Glad your home Troy! Your wife has done a wonderful job keeping everyone up to date on your progress while in Cleveland. We will continue to pray for your healing and needed strength and to Alicia with the pregnancy.

    Our God is amazing!

    The Pedersens'

  4. Troy,
    Cindy Foxx from Ft. Scott. We have been getting updates from Tara and Matt and are so pleased that you have made it home without too many complications. Our family in this Fort are praying for your quick recovery and Alisha's safe delivery soon. Cindy Foxx

  5. Troy and Family
    I just wanted you to know that a care pack is coming your way. Troy I know your appetite has not been that great lately so if you don't feel up to eating this it can be frozen and you guys can enjoy it when baby # 2 comes.

    Love you guys

    Brian and Jill

  6. Troy and Alicia,
    So glad to hear that you're home! We love you both so much and you are ALWAYS in our prayers. We know that God will get you through this and will turn this into a positive for you. Continued prayers for strength and a positive attitude are going your way!
    Love you all!
    Nikki, Adam, Casey and Carter