Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walking Fool

Well yesterday was not very pleasant for Troy. He had a hard time getting the pain under control enough to walk and be active like the docotor wants. He actually did a little less than the day prior. He was finally able to get a good walk in before bed after much prompting and badgering by mostly my mom (she got to play bad cop) and me (good cop.) He did feel better after he got up and moved some.
The doctor pulled the extra drainage tube from his left side yesterday which hurt like crazy but he was happy to be rid of. Last night was another sleepless night because if you have ever worked or stayed in a hospital you know that there is always someone waking you up. Troy's roomate went home and we did get Troy moved to the window side of his room where there is more privacy and better air circulation so he can stay cooler. That left his old spot open for a new patient which they brought in at 3am!!! Lab also screwed up and came to draw his blood at 4, 5 and 6am. The doctors here are amazing but there is much left to be desired from the ancillary departments of CC. Troy will be happy to go home tom. and get some real rest.
He is doing better today with his pain and we have already been up and walking. I am so proud of his progress. He still has pain but is working through it and is starting to get onerie again. I love it!
We can't wait to see Gavin tom. So far Grayson is staying put and that's what we are praying for for at least another week. That way Troy can be part of the experience more.
Karin (our friend from small group) had a good appt. with the "super smart doctors" yesterday and is seeing a very good doctor today so please keep praying for wisdom for the doctors and patience and ecouragement for Karin.
More later. Love ya,


  1. We are so happy to hear about Troy's daily progress! I know it'll seem like a slow process but he'll be back up & going before you know it ! It's odd to hear of a pregnant woman who WANTS the baby to stay in for another week, but for you & Troy's sake we sure hope Grayson can wait !! Thinking of you guys everyday !!!
    Love, ♥ Denny,Jenni, Taylor & Tristin ♥

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date on all of Troys' progress! We really enjoy reading your thoughtful words and encouragement for your family! Hope to see all of you soon! Please let us know when little Grayson comes into the world!
    Your friends, The Pedersens'!