Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drugs are good till you start hallucinating

Troy had another eventful night. He finally got some good sleep but a little too good at one point. The nurse came in to flush his tube and Troy was in a really deep sleep. I know that you can't wake Troy up right away when he is really sleeping good but this nurse thought everything was fine when she started talking to Troy and he was talking back. Troy wasn't really awake and remembers having a dream where he thought he was in a psych ward because everything was white (everything is white here at CC including the nursing uniforms)he got scared and coudn't figure out why he was in a psych ward. The nurse asked him if he knew where he was, what his name was and why he was here. He answered no to everything and was considering pulling out all of his lines because he thought they were holding him against his will. He couldn't remember he was married and that I visited him and thought the name Troy Floor sounded vaguely familiar but didn't believe it was his name....Eventually he really woke up and remembered everything that just happened and could answer all the questions correctly. It gave the nurse a little scare and bought him a fast track to oral pain medicine and off the IV crack. It all makes sense to me as a nurse, I've been there with my patients, but I'm sure it was very scary for Troy.
I called this morning and got the full scoop from him before I even arrived and by the time I got here he was ready to go for the day. Today has been a huge turning point. He is moving easier, walked the hall at least 3 times the distance he did yesterday and is sitting upright more. He even got some chocolate pudding with his pills. His pouch is doing well and everyone seems very impressed with his progress, most of all me! I'm so proud of him. He just took some more pain medicine and then we hope to get up and walk again before evening. Thanks again to everyone for their support and prayers. Keep praying for a speedy recovery and that Grayson will decide to stay inside for at least another week.
Love ya,


  1. FABULOUS NEWS!! So glad to hear of Troy's progress--even w/ the funny story. (not so funny to Troy--I'm sure) Good--another specific prayer request--to keep Grayson "inside" for at least 1 week. :)
    Alicia--you are so gifted in letting us know what's going on--explaining things so well.(and adding humor)
    Thanks for all the updates, You're always on our minds & hearts!
    Dave & Aleta

  2. Prayer is the key to Toy's healing and being able to move about as well as he is moving! Praise the Lord for those answered prayers! I continue to pray for both of you, healing and comfort for Troy and peace and health for Alicia. I will pass this news on to an extended prayer chain...all the way to NY.
    Pam Franklin