Saturday, January 9, 2010

What a long night....Good things come with the Morning

Hey everyone,
Sorry this is the first update since Troy's surgery, what a long evening it turned out to be. Troy was out of surgery at 3pm yesterday and was supposed to be in post anesthesia care unit for two hours and then go to his room. Ha, 7 hours later Troy finally got a room. He was stable enough to move well befor that but a room wasn't available. His room was being "cleaned" for four hours!!! We were all swearing that we we're going to Walmart to buy supplies and clean the room on our own. The staff did let me see him twice for about ten minutes during this time. The first time he did not look so hot. Pale, in a lot of pain and just generally miserable. It broke my heart when he said he nurse was a jerk. I wanted to punch her lights out. She woudn't tell Troy how often he could just his pain button and told him is was crazy when he said his pain was 12/10. Bless his heart, he just got his gut ripped open and someone has the nerve to say he can't rate his own pain!!! Arghhhhhhh. Anyway we talked him through that and started having him push his button as often as he felt like it and the heck with that nurse. He was better the second time I saw him and just 3 short hours after that he got a room. Are you sensing the sarcasm and irritation yet? I'm laying it on pretty thick.
When he finally got to his room the nursing staff was much better and he was just exhausted. The family stayed for a little bit and then we all left for the night to hopefully give him a little peace. When we came back this morning he said it was the worst night of his life. He was in horrible pain. The staff was adjusting his medication when we arrived and with an eye on the clock we got Troy feeling better six minutes at a time.
Just this past hour or so the nurse and I got him stood him up for the first time. A huge feat. He did amazing considering all the pain he was in and what has been done to him in the last 24 hours. I also saw his incision and drainage sites. They look realy good and are smaller than I thought they would be.
Overall I am encouraged at how well he has done. This day is going to hurt and going to suck. We all know that. But God has given Troy amazing strength and built his body and spirit do to things that he never imagined he was capable of.
I was given a wonderful devotional "Streams in the Desert" by L.B. Cowman. Today'a scripture really spoke to me, Romans 8:18 "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
Love to all, Alicia


  1. Still praying like crazy for both of you! Glad to hear that Troy got in a room (finally!), and will pray that the pain becomes tolerable today. Also for better nurses!! Thanks for the update! Love, Scott and Karin

  2. Praying for you both a bunch today. Nurses like that are awful!! I am a nurse, and when I have to work with ones that aren't understanding, it always makes me so mad. We'll pray for good ones today and that the pain decreases quickly!

    Lauren Harmison

  3. We have continued praying for your pain. I know pain after surgery really sucks, but it will pass. We love you both so much and will continue to pray. Praise be to Our Lord Jesus..he is in controll...
    Fred & Cathie

  4. We've been thinking of you both non stop and hope you have a better night. The kids have been so sweet in their prayers for their "uncle Troy to feel better" and we have been praying as well. I know it's hard to watch someone you love in pain- stay strong. We so wish we could be there to help, just know we care so much and are relieved the surgery went well. Love, Jenn, Alan, Riley, Makenna, and Cooper

  5. We are praying for you all this weekend and will continue to do so! I am so glad the surgery went well, but I am so sorry you are dealing with poor care! That is so awful and breaks our hearts. We wish we could be there. We love you guys are thinking of you. Love, Jill, Brian and Madi

  6. Troy and Alicia, Our prayers are constant for you both. You are both so strong. We pray for Troy's pain to get less and less and the good news to get better. We pray for you Alicia, in dealing with everything and your pregnacy. We are here for you and your family in whatever way you need. God is good and we see him in your family.
    Love David and Tammy

  7. Troy and Alicia, your are in my prayers. Antoinette

  8. God is great! Glad Pastor Ron introduced you both to Pathway last weekend so you could have this large group praying for your family and the doctors. Praying everyday is better than the last, every hour is happier than the last. Andrea