Friday, January 8, 2010

God is Good. Troy is out of surgery

God is a good and gracious God. Praise Jesus. Troy is out of surgery and everything went as planned. The doctor was able to make the internal pouch and the liver looked good (no cancer visible). He is currently is recovery and I still can't see him. Hopefully he will be out in another 1.5 hours and up to his room where I can't wait to kiss him and hold his hand. Please keep praying for a quick recovery and as little pain as possible. Troy is strong and I know he will be happy to deal with the pain in light of the great news from surgery.
Thank you Jesus for blessing me with more days with my best friend.


  1. Wonderful News! Our family is a part of Pathway and we are keeping all of you in our prayers!!
    Much Love in Christ! The Shellabarger Family

  2. I am so glad to hear that Troy is out of surgery. You and your family has been in my prayers and will continue! God is good. Thank you for updating the blog. I hope you are holding his hand by now. :)

    Love you guys,
    Amanda & The rest of the Dunaway's

  3. Thanks so much for the update. Great news to hear that everything went well. We're praying for a clean bill of health on the rest of Troy's body as well as his quick recovery.Your PCC family is lifting all of you up in prayer.

    Troy & Amy Smith

  4. As we made our rounds today from my doctors, Troy and his family was in our thoughts. Ginny and I were sure glad to here it was over and on his way to recovery and better health from here on. We will keep the prays going.
    Gordon & Ginny

  5. We are babysitting Katie and
    Ryan overnight and in all their prayers, unsolicited, they each pray for Troy and his surgery. Out of the mouths of babes!
    Isaiha40:31, Romans5:5
    May you both feel God's immesurable strength and His people's unending love in the midst of this circumstance
    Dan and Glenda

  6. TJ and I have been praying and thinking about you both. I am so amazed how awesome God is. Troy is a great man and God has a plan for him. May Gods grace shower you today. We love you guys! We will keep you in our prayers!

    Jess & TJ

  7. That's awesome! You guys were in our thoughts and prayers all day. Had several facebook friends praying, as well.

  8. Margaret HohenbergerJanuary 9, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    So glad to hear the surgery went well! Praise God! We will continue to keep Troy and all of you in our prayers for recovery and treatments. Thanks for the updates. It is so wonderful to think of the great gifts God has given these doctors!! Take care and God Bless!
    Love, Aunt Margaret