Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood Clot Still There

Troy just got back from his ultrasound and the blood clot is still present in his neck :( He will have to be back on the blood thinners for at least two more months and I'm betting that the FTW docs will have him stay on it for the duration of his chemo. Chemo makes you more prone to clotting. Troy went a long time without pain meds and is pretty tired now that he is back in his room. He at half a serving of Apple Jacks and drank a little water. His diet is really poor right now. I pray that his appetitie and tolerance for food will grow so that he can get stronger and not lose a ton more weight. I know his spirits are low, it is infectious. I just don't know how to fix him. I know I can't, that I need to leave it in the Lord's hands but it is so difficult to sit next to someone that is hurting and feels so bad about himself. Troy needs encouragement that his physcial change will improve every day and that he is strong enough to get through it.


  1. Just know that everyone is praying for the Family and when it really gets bad just think of everyone that cares about all of you giving you a big hug. Something as simple as a hug can make a world of difference.

  2. Alicia, you are being a very strong woman and supportive wife. God put you in Troy's life for a reason and seeing how supportive you've been through this, and how proud you are of him through all of this, is a strong statement of your love and commitment to him. You are living out your wedding vows and are a great example of what a wife should be to her husband. Find your identity in Christ during this time and don't let Satan tell you that you aren't doing something right!

    Praying for you all still... (and Lynda being a bad cop?? I don't believe it!)