Monday, January 11, 2010

Another rough night but things slowly improving

The night was rough again for Troy. He started coughing during the night and that hurts his abdomen terribly. It continued for most of the night so by the time I talked to him at 6:30 from my hotel room he was exhausted. Poor guy can't get any decent sleep even if he wants to. I arrived in the morning and basically watched him try to sleep till noon. I did help him get cleaned up and he is moving better than yesterday. Brian, Troy's uncle from Akron, Ohio came up for some testing of his own and stopped in to see him and we had a nice lunch together. When I came back from lunch Troy rested a little more and then he went for his first walk. Yeah!!! This is a huge step. Troy says it hurt like the dickens but felt good to get out of bed and off his back. The drainage from his bowel is slowly changing from blood to a little bit of normal stuff (I won't elaborate to avoid grossing out you non-medical folk, but I will gladly fill you in on all colors and activity if you so like via e-mail :o) Troy is pretty quiet. I know this is because he is putting all his energy into healing but it is still tough to see my normally laughing and joking husband struggling.
I'm starting to miss Gavin pretty bad too. I don't know what's harder, calling and listening to him babble and laugh or not calling. I hope he still remembers Mama and Dada when we get home. I know he won't forget his Dada, his lives for his Dada. If you have kids give them an extra hug and kiss tonight just because you can.
Keep praying for strength and pain control for Troy. Pray that he will see the progress he is making and realize that this too shall pass.
Love you all.


  1. How could Gavin not remember his Mama and Dada. I know Lynda is loving on him like crazy right now and telling him how much his Mama and Dada love him!!

    You guys are still in my prayers. I pray that each minute is better than the minute before!


  2. Gald to hear progress is being made each day! We are following closely and praying often for you guys. Hang in there. Tell Troy he is doing great and an inspiration to all of us.

    Dave and Ashley Henry