Friday, January 15, 2010

Going Home Today

Troy is being released today!!! It will probably take all day to get everything done and lined up but we are out of here none the less. Troy is currently having an ultrasound done to check on the clot in his neck that was found at the start of Dec. If the clot has shrunk, stabilized or disappeared then he won't have to go back on coumadin until the next port is put in. Even with his next port the MD here isn't recommending he immediatley goes back on blood thinners but wait to see if a blood clot forms or not. It would be great if Troy wasn't cold all the time from the blood thinners and didn't have to have his blood checked every week. So pray for that.
The surgeon is very happy with Troy's healing and progress. He will need to come back in about 3 weeks to have the irrigation tube removed and then he can start using the pouch like it is intended. That will be wonderful. Troy is starting to lose his patience already with the continuous irrigation. It definetely isn't fabulous but I try to remind him that it is short term and he will feel a lot better when we can get him home and into a normal routine and cleaned up better. No matter how much you try to stay clean in a hospital nothing beats a home shower. He will be able to shower even with the continuous irrigation, another big YEAH!!!
Mid and Dick are here today so they are going to help drive us home. I'm worried about hitting bumps on the road. I know the ride home is going to be very uncomfortable for Troy. We brought a pillow for him to hold onto and support his belly. Please pray for smooth roads and as much comfort for Troy as possible.
My mom and dad are picking up supplies at the Cancer Center today so that Troy will have everything he needs as soon as we get home. Mom also washed up all of Grayson's bedding and newborn clothing for me so that we will be set whenever he decides to show up. - THANK YOU!
Karin from our small group is making a small grocery run for us so that our fridge is stocked - AWESOME! I am so thankful for great family and friends. We could not have made it through this week without all of you praying and helping us out.
I'll keep everyone posted on our ride home and how Troy is settling in. I GET TO SEE GAVIN SOON!!!!!!!! (Not that I missed him at all :0 )

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  1. PTL that you guys are coming home. We will pray as you are on the road for everything to go ok.

    Dave & Aleta